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Hey there you Bastards! Upupupu! 

Anime Expo is just around the corner and Ferocity & I will be hosts for the Dangan Ronpa Cosplay gatherings this year! Please help us spread the word to all your friends so we can have have the Most Despair-Inducing Gatherings in the History of Anime Expo!

Gathering One - Hosted by Minty
Friday, July 5th (Day Two)
1:00pm at Site #3 (Staircase behind Concourse Hall)
[View Site Map Here] | [Gathering Forum]

Gathering Two - Hosted by Gabbi
Saturday, July 6th (Day Three)
1:00pm at Site #3 (Staircase behind Concourse Hall)
[View Site Map Here] | [Gathering Forum]

Both gatherings will be in the same location at the same times each day they will be held - so don’t feel bad if you can only make it to one! If you have any questions about gathering details, please check each of the forums linked above!

Please help us spread the word and let’s strive to do our best today!

If you have any personal questions or concerns about any of the gatherings, feel free to contact either myself or Gabbi! Thanks again!

That is the most legit looking ad for a gathering I’ve ever seen. 

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Making the Impossible, Possible.: Fanime Homestuck Gathering! ›


Hey guys!

Fanime is coming up quick and I’m happy to say that I’ll be co-hosting the Homestuck gathering this year with Awkward Cosplay.

The gathering will be held

Sunday at 4:13pm

Right side of the convention center on the outside of the Hilton by the trees. (Look for the giant…

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