Just a few outfits from the Secret Rose Boudoir tea party

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Okay, how the fuck does everyone in this photoset look THIS GOOD? I can’t even pick a fav.

Oh my god that cage skirt with roses

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This HR dept doesn’t negotiate with Terrorists.

Finish reading This Is The Most Passive-Agressive Office Note Battle We’ve Ever Seen

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100% polyester? more like 100% probablysatan.

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Customer: “It’ll shrink if we wash it.”
Me: “Actually, it’s made of polyester, which happens to be pretty resilient stuff as far as being able to resist being shrunk or messed up in a wash on hot water and then dried. ~ “ 
Customer: "No it’ll shrink because it’s a man-made fiber. I’m taking fashion design so I know for sure what it’ll do."
Me: " … Well… I’m a cosplayer? And some of the polyester I’ve bought to make suits and stuff with has survived being washed and dried in boiling water, refused to be dyed, and sort of curled at the edges when I set it on fire."
Customer: ”.. … what.. “
Me: "Yeah I dunno, polyster is a very suspicious material."

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i hear someone wanted some aus:

  • both wearing the exact same outfit on the metro au
  • two separate robbers breaking into the same house au
  • one is too short to reach a can of soup at the supermarket au
  • their dogs start uncontrollably barking at each other in the quiet vets office au
  • one accidentally punched the other in the face while gesturing wildly au
  • one breaking into the others house accidentally when drunk au
  • they had the same friends for multiple years but somehow never met until some birthday party au
  • 2 elite spies hired to stalk each other at the same time au

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Truthfully, I want Squall and Ellone to have the opportunity and motivation to sit Laguna the frick down and tell him off. I love him, but his myopia made a lot of unnecessary crap for a lot of people who had no choice in the matter, and that should be brought to his attention without him having the chance to make it all about his poor wandering soul.


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